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PatientsFirst is Now PatientCareLink!

Welcome to PatientCareLink, the next generation of PatientsFirst, the nation's groundbreaking healthcare resource dedicated to voluntarily providing patients, families and caregivers with the most transparent information available on the care provided at Massachusetts hospitals.
MHA & MONE welcome you to the new PatientCareLink

PatientsFirst was originally launched in 2005 as a joint effort by the Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) and the Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE) to improve patient care quality and safety. The program included a website to provide the public first-in-the nation access to staffing data for every unit on each floor of all Massachusetts hospitals, and tying information about several key clinical measures with the performance of specific hospitals. Since then, the ever-changing healthcare environment in Massachusetts and across the United States has developed rapidly.

To meet these changes, PatientsFirst has evolved into PatientCareLink, with a more extensive patient-centered site that offers broader information, advanced resources, a fresher look, an easy-to-navigate landscape, and a contemporary feel.  Through the increased wealth of information on this new website, healthcare workers, patients and their families can see how individual hospitals score on dozens of measures, from falls in hospitals to heart attack care, and treatment for pneumonia.

Even more importantly, PatientCareLink has evolved into a forum that goes beyond the statistics to offer in-depth insight into the care Massachusetts hospitals provide. You'll see success stories about the day-to-day work hospitals accomplish to improve healthcare quality. You'll find contemporary information on today's workforce, and on what hospitals and nurse managers are doing to educate the next generation of nurses.

Click here to take a tour of PatientCareLink and all it has to offer.

Hospital Data
Success Stories
Improving Patient Care

In tribute to Edward Moore Kennedy (1932-2009)

Massachusetts Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy focused his life of public service on the fight for safe, accessible healthcare for all. Therefore, MHA and MONE thought it entirely appropriate that PatientCareLink, an initiative committed to promoting safe patient care, be dedicated in his honor.

As a public servant, Ted Kennedy possessed the compassion of a devoted caregiver, placing the well-being of patients - especially those without health insurance  or at great financial risk - above all else. He was also a friend of hospitals and the many men and women who carry out their life-saving work. He understood better than anyone else of his generation the necessary choreography between government and healthcare, the need to ensure that patients are protected, and that caregivers are supported not only throughout medical education but also on the job as they provide crucial service to their communities.

In all aspects of American healthcare, both in his home state of Massachusetts and across the nation, Senator Kennedy's influence was felt, and his guiding hand in improving the lives of patients and those who care for them was admired and respected.

Through its transparent, patient-centered effort, PatientCareLink hopes to promote and perpetuate the healthcare ideals of Senator Kennedy.