Narrative for Anna Jaques Hospital

Nursing Philosophy
The Nursing Philosophy of Anna Jaques Hospital focuses on the delivery of quality care. We support the Mission, Vision and the Strategic Plan of Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH).

The Registered Nurse is recognized as the coordinator of patient care. We perceive the role as one of acting as a patient advocate attaining the highest level of wellness possible. We understand that providing efficient and effective patient care services can only be accomplished through communication, collaboration and cooperation among all departments and individuals involved in patient care.

AJH recognizes the importance of family / significant other involvement in planning care as permitted by the patient. We acknowledge and support cultural diversity in the community we serve. We respect the right to privacy and confidentiality for all patients. We respect a patient’s right to receive care free of restraints. We respect the right of all patients to have their pain adequately assessed and treated.

Nursing recognizes that coordination of patient and family / significant other education is a key role of the Nurse and we are committed to providing the education in collaboration with other disciplines as appropriate. We respect the right of all patients to have their pain adequately assessed and treated. Our goal is to promote a culture that is open to new ideas including, but not limited to, alternative methods of care and treatment.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of individual competency and professionalism through education and advancement. We see this as essential to both professional growth and improvement of patient care services. We aim to serve as a role model for professional nursing practice.

We also recognize our responsibility towards cost containment and effective use and appropriate selection of resources.

It is the philosophy of AJH that steps are taken to ensure that appropriate level and mix of staff are provided to meet the nursing care needs of patients. Each patient care area, where nursing care is provided, utilizes a unit specific staffing guide that reflects appropriate volume related staffing numbers and/or mix. Information used in the development of each guide comes from many sources, including but not limited to: historical data for AJH, comparative data from national and regional hours per patient day, patient satisfaction surveys, benchmarked quality indicators, management and staff.