Massachusetts General Hospital - 2010 Reports

Click on a hospital unit below to see its 2010 Staffing Reports:

A note on Acronyms: Hospitals name their units in various ways. Some carry the names of the generous benefactors who helped fund them – “Smith 5” or “Adams 2” – while others carry an acronym – ICU (Intensive Care Unit) – explaining the type of care provided in the unit. Others merely contain a location in the hospitals, such as 5 West, or M7. 
Click here for an explanation of these many acronyms.

The “Unit Type” column below contains definitions the hospitals have provided for their floors.

Unit Name Unit Type
Bigelow 14 Vascular Surgery Adult Surgical
Burn / Plastic Bigelow 13 Adult Surgical
Cardiac Access Unit Ellison 11 Adult Medical - Cardiac
Cardiac Arrhythmia Unit Adult Medical - Cardiac
Cardiac SICU Blake 8 Adult Critical Care - Cardiothoracic
Cardiac Surgical Unit Adult Surgical - Cardiothoracic
CCU Ellison 9 Adult Critical Care - Coronary Care
Ellison 16 Medicine Adult Medical
Gynecology Bigelow 7 Adult Surgical - Gynecology
Medical / Surgical Combined Unit Bigelow 11 Adult Medical
Medical Unit Phillips 20 Adult Medical
Medical Unit Phillips 21 Adult Medical - Oncology
Medical Unit White 10 Adult Medical
Medical Unit White 11 Adult Medical
Medical Unit White 8 Adult Medical
Medical Unit White 9 Adult Medical
MICU Blake 7 Adult Critical Care - Medical
Neonatal ICU Neonate Level III/IV Critical Care
Neuro ICU Adult Critical Care - Neurosurgery / Neurology
Neurology Unit Ellison 12 Adult Medical / Surgical Combined - Neurosurgery / Neurology
Neurology Unit White 12 Adult Medical / Surgical Combined - Neurosurgery / Neurology
Oncology Unit Ellison 14 Adult Medical - Oncology
Ortho / Urology Unit Ellison 6 Adult Surgical - Orthopedic
Orthopedics Unit White 6 Adult Surgical - Orthopedic
Pediatric ICU Pediatrics - Critical Care
Pediatrics Ellison 17 Pediatrics - Medical / Surgical Combined
Pediatrics Ellison 18 Pediatrics - Medical / Surgical Combined
Psychiatric Unit Behavioral Health
Respiratory Acute Care Bigelow 9 Adult Medical - Pulmonary
SICU Ellison 4 Adult Critical Care - Surgical
Surgery Unit Ellison 7 Adult Surgical
Surgical Trauma Unit White 7 Adult Surgical
Surgical Unit Phillips 22 Adult Surgical
Thoracic Surgery Ellison 19 Adult Surgical
Transplant Unit Blake 6 Adult Surgical - Transplant
Emergency Department Emergency Department
Emergency Dept Clinical Decision Emergency Department - Clinical Decision

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