Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Massachusetts - Adult Medical - Rehabilitation

Adult Medical - Rehabilitation
Adult Rehabilitation
Variance Info
Current Posted Planned Worked Hours Per Patient Day 5.74
Actual Worked Hours Per Patient Day 6.46
Variance 0.72
% Variance from Budget 12.54%
Reason For +/- 5% Variance From Budget
No explanation required  
Fluctuating day to day census  
Lower daily census than planned  
Higher daily census than planned X
Higher patient care needs than planned  
Lower patient care needs than planned  
Staff vacancies  
Adjusted for patient care needs X
Minimum fixed staffing requirements  
Care delivery model changes  
Increased 1:1 staffing requirements  
Closure of unit  
Not admitting to beds due to staffing  
Increased census to telemetry patients  
Plan based on high needs in critical care  
Increased staff hours to facilitate admissions and discharges  
Change in patient mix  
Other Reasons for +/- 5% Variance
Additional Comments